Covenant Words
Covenant Words

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The Guide to Glory


Rev. Christopher Chelpka

Lord, there are many things that areoverwhelming to us: Many things that are constantly changing and weigh usand trouble us, and so we asked that you would speak to us clearly that you would help us to knowthe Gospel and have confidence in it. We ask that your spirit would speakwould speak to us this morning, the very words of Christ that we might knowhim and love him and find our salvation in him. We pray this in Jesus name onmen. Please remain standing for the readingof God's Word From First Corinthians, First Corinthians chapter two, I'mgoing to be preaching on versus nine through sixteen, but I'd like to beginreading. It verse one of Chapter, Two First Corinthians to verse. One iswhere I'll start. So this is the word of God. Let's giveour attention to it, and I, when I came to your brothers,did not come proclaiming to you, the testimony of God with lofty speech orwisdom, for I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and himcrucified, and I was with you in weakness and infear and much trembling, and my speed to my message were not in plausiblewords of wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and of power, so that your faith might not rest inthe wisdom of men but in the power of God. Yet among the mature, we do impartwisdom, although it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this agewho are doomed to pass away, but we impart a secret and hiddenwisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory. None of the rulers of this ageunderstood this, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord ofGlory, but as it is written, what no eye has seen nor ear heard nor theheart of man imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. These things, God has revealed to usthrough the spirit, the spirit, searches, everything even the depths ofGod, for who knows a person's thoughts except the spirit of that person whichis in him. So also. No one comprehends the thoughts of God, except the spiritof God. Now we have received not the spirit ofthe world, but the spirit who is from God that we might understand the thingsfreely given us by God, and we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taughtby the spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual. The natural person does not accept thethings of the spirit of God, for they are folly to him and he is not able tounderstand them because they are spiritually discerned, but thespiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one forwho has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him. But we have themind of Christ, amen, maybe seen after the sermon we're going to singhim four hundred and thirty one, and I want to read to a line from that hymn- and this is a favorite hymn of ourshere and of many people, and can it be that I should gain in verse? Four, we read long. My imprisoned spirit, layfast bound in sin and nature's night...

...thine eye diffused a quickening wray. Iwoke the dungeon flamed. With light, my chains fell off, my heart was free. Irose, went forth and followed Thee, so you hear the progression right. It begins with being imprisoned, beingchained up and then something happens that leads to freedom and the way it'sexpressed here is thine eye diffused a quickening ray. It is as though Godlooks upon us and like a ray coming from the sun that ray changes us in away it awakes us the dungeon that we are imprisoned in flames with light.The chains fell off and fall off and we find ourselves free that Ray of light, we might say, is the Holy Spirit, thepower of God. That goes forth to bring about our salvation, and it is the HolySpirit that I want us to focus on this morning, because in our passage first Corinthians, two nine throughsixteen Paul, explains to us how it is we know the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know it through the preaching andthe special revelation of the Holy Spirit. Now Peter says something similar inFirst Peter One, twelve and first Peter O Hundred and twelve. The Apostle Petertells us that those who preached the Good News, the Pauls, the Peters, the Stephens,the Timothy's and ministers to day those who preached the news did so bythe Holy Spirit sent from heaven. It's remarkable, isn't it that he saysthat they did it. They buy the Holy Spiritsent from heaven, and this is a very important truth, one that Paul isspending a whole set of verses hereon. In this letter he wants to make itcrystal clear to the Corinthians and to you to me as well, that is by the Holy Spirit that we havethe gospel of Jesus Christ. We could put it this way. The fact thatthey preach the good news by the Holy Spirit is as significant as the sunthat they preached or, to put it another way, the wholeHoly Spirit, empowered preaching, is just as important as Christ centeredpreaching now. This is not because Christ isinsufficient in some way, but because his ministry is inseparable from thespirits ministry, you cannot have one without the other and that's notbecause of the weakness in Christ, but that's because God is Triune, because there never isthe father without the sun and the spirit there. Never is the sun withoutthe father in the spirit there never is a spirit without the son and the father,these three art, one God and the Holy Spirit. It is importantfor us to remember his role in that and so Holy Spirit. Empowered preachingis just as important as Christ. Centered preaching the good news about Christ was preachedby the Holy Spirit, says Peter by the Holy Spirit, says Paul and the Holy Spirit comes to us fromthe Sun who sent him and the father as well. Who has given all things to thesun so with that said, let's think aboutwhy this matters might say. Okay, I got that it's in thescriptures, but why is that an important thing? Why should that besomething? That's on my mind, why is...

Paul spending all this time to impressupon us that the good news of the Gospel comes of Christ comes to usthrough the preaching empowered by the Holy Spirit? Why does God want you to know that arethat this word of salvation comes to us in this way. Well, the first reason is that thereare things that you simply cannot know simp just in natural revelation, there's things that you cannot knowjust by looking at the world now the scripture says there is a lotthat natural revelation reveals, there's a lot that creation reveals thesky proclaims, God's handiwork, the stars speak and knowledge is revealed, says Solnineteen in Romans, one Paul who of course, iswriting this letter as well. He tells us that we know things about God in thethings that God has made, you can go and look at the stars and the mountainsgo on a hike on a Sunday afternoon and come to understand something about God. His infinite power, your smallness in the world, but also your glory in the world, ispart of creation itself. You can see God's righteousness inthese things. You can sense his moral law to know the difference betweenright and wrong. These things are revealed in this world, the rulers of this age that Paulmentioned earlier. They don't understand nothing. They understand some things, they havereal wisdom. They just don't have this wisdom, you see what Paul saying inthis passage he's making a distinction between one kind of wisdom and anotherkind of wisdom. One kind of wisdom is penultimate. It'sunderneath the ultimate things. The other kind of wisdom is ultimateand he also says some other things about it, we'll get which we'll get to.In a moment. He says the rulers of this age, theyrule and they have wisdom, but it doesn't bring about satisfaction andall things it doesn't bring about the knowledge of the salvation that we need, and so this is one reason why we needthe spirit of God. He says is because you can't get it anywhere else. Youcan't find the good news of the Gospel by justgoing on a hike you're, not going to know about theincarnation of the son of God by looking at the mountains, you're notgoing to know about how Jesus came into the world and died for our sins bylooking at the stars, you're not going to know about how, ifwe put our faith in him that God saves us from all of our sins by fishing in a river. Those are good things and they tell usgood things, but they don't save us they're, not sufficient. For that. A second reason we need thespirit of God to reveal these things. Not only does natural revelation notreveal that, but we might say it in a positive way as Paul says it here, andthat's that the Gospel was hidden. God specifically hid these truths notice. What Paul says in verse, nine, what no eye has seen what no ear has heard nor the heart ofman imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. So it's not just an incapability ofnatural revelation of creation, but there's also this positive, hidingof God positive in the sense that this... something God is doing, he's activein this. As it said in verse, seven we impartPaula speaking about him and other ministers they're preaching. He says weimpart what a secret and hidden wisdom of God there I happen to have a preview oftonight's sermon, so Christian will speak more on this from one of theparables of Jesus. So you'll have another opportunity to think more aboutthis, but notice what what Paul is sayingknows what the Holy Spirit is saying that God chose to hide these things to keep them secret, but now they arebeing revealed now we are finding them out to go back and think about Peter.In that passage I quoted earlier. He tells us that prophets searched andinquired diligently about the things that we now know angels. He says long to look into thesethings that all of us here in this room now know and have heard, and theydidn't know it. They didn't hear it. They didn't see it. Why? Because Godhid it, God kept it secret. Paul tells us theGospel was hidden. It has not been revealed. Peter says these things aboutprophets and angels. Let me ask at this: Let me ask you aquestion in this way. If the truths about Christ can't be figured out byangels and Prophets, there's certainly no way, I'm going to figure it out bygoing on a hike right, Paul, I says you're, quoting thescriptures that these things can't even be imagined right. It's you can't even figure thatabout by just sort of sitting around and say I wonder if maybe this might betrue about the good news that's coming to us. I wonder if this they can't evenbe imagined Paul says you can't sit in a room and turn off the light and sortof close your mind off to all your presuppositions and just use reason andthen find yourself at the Gospel. Why? Because God hid it from you. If Godhides something from from the world, if God hides something from the worldyou're not going to find it reason, isn't that powerful tooverwhelm God imagination, isn't that powerful to try open his secrets? Dudeney thousand nine. Twenty nine saysthat the reo, the led things belong to us and the hidden things belong to God,and that's just the way. It is one of the ways Paul gets at that here in thispath, a Jes says think about your own souls. People don't know about your interiorworld, your values, your thoughts, your wishes, your hopes, your dreams, unlessyou reveal it, unless you tell them that could bethrough body language, but usually most often or words, in a similar way, unless the spirit ofGod reveals the things of God, you're, just not going to find it out. Why would we think that we can keepthings secret, but God can't? Why would we think that there arethings that we know that nobody else can know, but if we just applyourselves or really open up our minds or impress ourselves into the things ofthe world, we can crack open God's secrets, that's a pretty presumptuous thing andthat's another thing that Paul is doing here. In this passage, not only shetelling us about telling us about the limits of natural, revelation and God'saction in previous history of hiding and keeping secret these things, buthe's also humbling us. Isn't he too many people think that they canfind the blessedness of the divine, apart from the divine self revelation?If I go into the desert and spend...

...several days quietly and alone the world and God and the divine willjust open up its secrets to me, O won, you will still have yourself and yourmesses in the world. Maybe he'll get clarity on a few things on this or thatmaybe you'll be able to clear some clutter out of your mind and getfocused on your priorities. There could be some benefit of that, but you're notgoing to find out the Gospel you're not going to find out the very thing thatyou need for your salvation. Other people think that if they justapply themselves to the wisdom of this world, finding out how the whether it's,how markets work or how people work or how a nature works or whatever it is,if they apply themselves to their work, they can find out God. But they can remember that because of our sin or thework itself, that we do is cursed because of sin that came into the world.We can't just not only can we not produce the results of our work that wedesire to produce fully and easily as we like, but that's certainly not apath to getting things out of God that he's notready to reveal people want to look deep intothemselves, but there's a whole mess of sin in there. People want to look at human love ingeneral or dark sayings and mystery, or some people look at just change or whatever various thingsin this world, but beloved. Remember that God isawesome in his power awesome in his wisdom. His thoughts arenot our thoughts. We have no access to them unless hereveals them to us and that, as I said, ought to humble us, it ought to put usin our place and go. I guess I'm not God. I guess I need him to give mehimself in order for me to know him in order for me to love him. It makes usdependent on him and not lords over him. That's part of why, God does this? Is He humbles us? We come to God on histerms because he's God and we are not, but these truths about the revelationof God coming to us only from God himself andspecifically from the spirit. This also encourages us. I think, and that's what Paul says in Verse Five. He says I want you to remember that myspeech didn't come to you in plausible words of wisdom, but a demonstration ofthe spirit and of power. Why Verse Five, so that your faith might not rest in the wisdomof men but in the power of God? How many times have you know my familyis preparing for family camp and we put our packing list together, but we'rewondering in the back of our minds: Did we get it all? Did we bring the rightthings? Are we bringing too much and if we struggle to put together apacking list for a trip and assemble all of our things? What makes us thinkthat we can just dig into ourselves and discover the divine that we can dig into ourselves and fittogether all the pieces of reality and the heavenly things and God's plan forthe universe, and if we can just settle into that and live out our lives inthis truth that we have self discovered, don't be ridiculous, we're creatures we struggle withlimitations and on top F of that sin,...'s not just that we are a limited andwe are in these things, but we also have sin in us. That's constantlycounteracting truth, fighting against truth, hiding truth deceiving. Wedeceive ourselves, but remember I'm trying to encourageyou here here we are being given the spirit ofGod so that you can rest and know that God himself has revealed this thing toyou. You don't need to doubt it like you doubt yourself, like I doubt myself,you don't need to wonder. Did I get this right? Do I have enough? Is it allbeen revealed? Is there's some peace missing? That's all there! Everything that you need. Every single thing that you need Johntells us that there are so many miracles and things and signs Jesus didthat you can't even write them all down, but these ones I give to you so thatyou would know that Jesus is the Christ is the son of God, and so thatbelieving in him you would have life in his name. Occasionally Paul will reference aletter to the Leo desines or something like that. You'll read in the in thescriptures other letters and things that were written. You don't need toworry about missing them because God has given you everything that you need. This brings a lot of confidence for theone who is trusting in the Lord and not in themselves. We have confidence when we remember thesource of the revelation. It also reminds us that there is true power inthese things, because they're not simply self derivedor come up from some other person. We know that God himself is at work. As Paul says, this is a demonstrationof the spirit and of power. God is at work when he reveals thesethings. The Holy Spirit, we confess, is theLord and Giver of Life. These are the truth that we find in this word in the Gospel. In this spirit,empowered spirit revealed Gospel. We also find the love of God pour it out for us notice in verse, Twelve, it says wehave respited, not the spirit of the world or world, but the spirit who isfrom God that we might understand the things freely given us by God. I thinkthat word freely reminds us that these things are of grace. These things come to us because heloved us, as he says in verse, nine of what God has prepared for those wholove him. He changes our heart so that we canrest in him so that we can abide in his love, love him and and as he loves us,there is. This relationship that is formed were no longer afloat in theworld, wondering where we fit in and what family we belong to, what peoplewe belong to and all these things God comes to us and, as you belong tome, my banner over you is love. I am yourhusband and you are mine, we're together. Now I make this covenant bythe blood of my own son you're, safe, you're protected. These are the things that the spirit ofChrist, the spirit of love I reveals to us. It is good to knowthat these things are not determined by us, but revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, well close by reminding you that, asGod reveals these things to us by the spirit the scripture also testifies tous. The spirit testifies to us that he,...

...the Holy Spirit of God, also dwells inour hearts, testifying to us that these things are true. He says in first thirteen. We impartthese in words not taught by human wisdom, but by taught by the spirit,interpreting spiritual truth to those who are spiritual. You see what he's saying he says youare able to receive these because I, the Holy Spirit, has have I've changedyour hearts. I've made you into a person who is nowmarked by me, who has been changed by me so that you are able to now interpretthese truths and understand them and apply them and grow in them. The truth that I reveal every aspect of you, your heart, yourmind, the activities of your soul. These are all being changed by theVerya spirit of God and what a wonderful truth that is, inother words, we don't just sort of get this Holy Spirit, information whichthen we process in this very man. Centered Way, we get the revelation of God, which wethen process in a divine way, because the Holy Spirit himself is at workwithin us, and so, as we are humbled in these things, this we are reminded toget off our high horses and stop having so much pride in our abilities. We are also encouraged beloved. We areencouraged to look to God who has now revealed these things. Paul wants our faith to be strong to beat rest, not in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. So, instead of blaspheming the HolySpirit, instead of refusing the Holy Spirit, instead of not listening to theHoly Spirit, when we hear the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, let us listen to the spirit of God and be thankfulfor him at work in our hearts and in our minds, and as he does, that work inUS may bog, may God be glorified to produce the fruit of the spirit in us to his glory on, let's pray together, our heavenlyfather, we asked that you would indeed bless us and you would do so by thepower by the power of your spirit through theword of Christ. We thank you that the spirit has beengiven to us by our Lord and who does not speak anything other than with thatwhich he has heard. Thank you o Holy Spirit that you searcheven the depths of God, knowing everything that is said by the fatherto the son, everything that is said from the sons of the father in the reand then revealing these things to us that we might hear that we might knowthat we might speak divine things. Things of God we thank you o Lord, for visdom thatyou have revealed in this world. We thank you for the laws and theprinciples and all that we might study, but we do not look to it for oursalvation. Instead, we look to the hidden secrets that have now beenrevealed in the Cross of Jesus Christ. Lord help us to see your will and your word in him, may your spirit be active even among usto day and also in those who do not yet know you. We pray for our family members. We prayfor our friends who are still hard of hearing whose hearts are still hard andseeking after a heavenly things here on... Lord, we ask that you would send yourspirit to them that they might that their eyes might be open, that theirears might be open. That might no longer call the Cross of Christ Falland stumble over it, but instead stand on it and rest in him and his perfectsacrifice for sins. Lord, you have told us in your wordthat we have the very mind of Christ. Let us rejoice in this, for this is something that is beyond beyond any human knowing, but only comes to us through yourrevelation. We also ask that, as this ought tohumble us that you would indeed humble us, you would encourage US embolden USand help us to trust in the power of the Gospel in the love of the Gospel and in Christ himself, who has beenfreely offered to us. I pray these things in Jesus name, butman.

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